eBook: Landscape/Cloudscape Photography

This eBook develops principles to enhance the chance that photographers and hikers can be at the right place at the right time.  All of the photos were captured at one location over a six-year period.  Cloudscapes are very fleeting.   The book also discusses the synergies between the Cloudscape and the foreground landscape.  The principles are brought to life by discussion of 80 photos.  Methods for leading the viewer's eye are discussed with of the photos.  Eighty percent of the photos were captured during the morning or evening twilight periods.  Canaan Valley is noted for rapidly moving weather fronts and their interaction with the diverse landscapes.  Diverse plant ecosystems are visible from the one location.  These include acidic bogs, wetland grasses, and deciduous forests.  Beaver ponds are visible in many of the photos.  Both Cabin Mountain to the east and Canaan Mountain to the west are visible.  The foreground in the view towards Cabin Mountain includes parts of the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Dolly Sods & Canaan Valley Photography

Joseph Henry specializes in depicting northern landscapes that include sub-arctic tundra areas in the Canaan Valley region, Canada and Alaska. Forty of my Dolly Sods images were displayed in a 5-month one-man show at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in 2007. I have been closely observing Dolly Sods for 30 years.

I am focused on creating images that convey the essence and mood of a landscape. I especially focus on northern landscapes and plant ecosystems. Dolly Sods is a prime example. The central goals of my work are to evoke emotion in the viewer and inform regarding the unique character of a place. I accomplish this by: developing selective compositions, pursuit of quality light and revisiting particular landscapes often. Paul Cezanne put it best when he was asked why he painted Montagne Sainte Victorie more than 80 times. He told his critics that he would continue to paint the mountain as long as he experienced new emotional responses to it.

My compositions result from applying the principles of visual design. I strive to balance graphic elements in the scene. I tend to focus on the exquisite beauty of the flora to the exclusion highly panoramic landscapes. I find that I spend hours working a subject to understand the view that best conveys my response. Many of the photos here resulted from revisiting the same scene many times over a period of years. The pursuit of good light is central to the efforts of all nature photographers. Claude Monet devoted much of the latter part of his career to the expressing the "envelope." By that he meant the interaction of light and atmospheric conditions with his subject. For me this means experiencing landscapes under diverse weather conditions as well as different light angles. Drama in photographs is as much about the light and weather as the composition.

Dr. Henry was formerly professor and chairperson of chemical engineering at both WVU and ASU. He lives in Canaan Valley.

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